Government Performance Group “Govermance” is a consultancy firm specialised in Public & Corporate Governance and public-private alliances, with experts based in Madrid, Brussels and Santiago de Chile.

We believe that civil society – organised in interest groups – requires both public and corporate governments to place a higher value on the products and services that they are currently providing. Civil society needs public and business policies that address societal problems and yearnings; policies that can ensure that governmental action leads to performance and results. In turn, solving these problems and addressing the needs of society can unleash excellent business and political opportunities.

We believe that there are not enough resources for public and private budgets to function separately. As such, it seems necessary to overcome barriers of mutual mistrust and work on improving the return on both public and private investments, to obtain a higher shared value. We believe that public and corporate Governments should face the “sustainability” challenge, which they are in a legitimate position to take on, by managing their intangible assets: ethics, knowledge & talent management, corporate culture governance, social responsibility or corporate reputation, among others.

We believe that a clear “mission” is essential both for public & private organisations. Making alliances with stakeholders who share a mission can dramatically improve the performance of all partners. We all need to express our mission and engage with people and institutions who share similar goals – the mission acts as a catalyst to create and work on shared interests.