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Germán Heufemann.

Germán Heufemann is a Managing Partner at GovernArt, Latin America think tank and consultancy specialised in corporate governance, business ethics, and sustainable strategies. He is also an advisor for several European, Asian and Latin-American institutions, to maintain a global view on these issues.

Germán Heufemann also teaches Corporate Governance and Business Ethics at the Adolfo Ibáñez University, the Alberto Hurtado University and at the Fundación Acción RSE.

He is Chairman of the ACCEC Board (Chilean association for compliance and business ethics), member of several other boards and founder of Agenda Líderes Sustentables 2020, ALAS20 in Chile, Colombia and Peru.

He was an Executive Manager (2010 -2013) of BOARD, the Corporate Governance Center created in Chile by Adolfo Ibáñez University, Diego Portales University, and Ernst & Young.

Germán Heufemann was awarded an MSc. in Corporate Governance & Business Ethics by Birkbeck College (University of London); He is an Economics graduate of the Adolfo Ibáñez University (Chile); a member of the Institute of Directors (IoD) of Reino Unido, and holds an International Certificate in Company Direction.

As an academic researcher some examples of Germán’s recent publications are “The Fight for Capital: Turkey ISE-30 Research into Investor Relations and Disclosure Best Practice”; “Financialisation and Corporate Responsibility: Implications for the Nature of the Firm”, and “Sustentabilidad Integrada al Negocio”.

You may visit Germán’s extended professional profile on LinkedIn.