Allow me to introduce you to the Council Board of the Government Performance Group “Govermance”, whose members were selected based on their fields of expertise to respond to the needs of our clients and collaborators.

The members of the Council Board bring together a wide range of experiences in public and corporate government, and are truly familiar with European and Latin-American culture. They all hold careers in the fields of management, academia and consultancy.

All of them are in a good position to draw upon the best practices of any of these fields and transfer them to our clients, according to the specific needs of each one.

Luis Manuel Calleja is the expert on Business Policy at IESE Madrid and IEEM (University of Montevideo). Luis Miguel’s mission is to transfer best business practices to public government.

David Gago-Saldaña is a reference in public policies on innovation and business development, both in Europe and Latin America as a World Bank´s consultant. David’s mission is to drive innovative practices for business development.

Marta Galiano is acknowledged for her deep understanding of the economic & social panorama both in Europe and Chile. Marta’s mission is to advise on Economic Policy, Monetary Policy and Employment Policy.

German Heufemann is a pioneer in corporate government development in Chile, Peru and Colombia. German’s mission is to develop socially responsible investment.

Elena Mañas is an expert in the field of Economic Policy and Economic Analysis. Elena´s mission is to research and advice in the fields of corporate and public transparency, social responsibility and gender equal opportunities.

Jaime Vázquez is the expert in digital transformation for political parties, public administration and large corporations. Jaime´s mission is to improve good governance through transparency, data analysis, and communication & information systems tools.

Should you have any questions related to the Council Board, you are welcome to contact me by e-mail:

Enrique Martínez Cantero